Helpful Resources

Whether your child is registering for classes or getting ready for promotion, these resources will help you through it.

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Guidance Department

We designed the counseling program at Ed Von Tobel Middle School to help students navigate middle school both socially and academically. Counseling services include opportunities to enhance learning, study skills, relationships, communication with family and friends, decision making, problem solving, and the building of self-understanding. We encourage students to talk to their counselor about any problems they may have. By involving parents, middle school staff, and the community, we hope that middle school is an exciting and rewarding time for our students.

What We Provide

We provide the following services to our students:

  • Individual Counseling – This is an opportunity for students to freely and confidentially discuss concerns or problems of a personal, social, or educational nature.
  • Group Counseling – Students gather with the counselors and discuss topics of special interest. Groups include graduation advocacy, teen issues, girl power, character education, etc. If you do not want your child involved in any groups, please call the counseling office.
  • Educational Planning – Our counselors work with students on registration and scheduling changes, tutoring referrals, academic support, transcript monitoring, transition services, and more.

Note: All personal information shared with a school counselor is confidential unless it involves harming self or others, abuse, or neglect. In these situations, we are required by law to report this information to parents and/or the appropriate agencies.