Benefits of Von Tobel

We are proud of the many programs offered at Von Tobel. Here are some of them:


Choose Von Tobel

At Von Tobel Middle School, it’s all about learning. We recognize that parents have a choice in the public school their children attend, and we aim to be that choice for you. Our rigorous curriculum, small class sizes, and classrooms equipped with the latest technology are just a few reasons why we should be your school of choice. We have two outstanding technology programs that are sure to catch the interest of your middle school child. Read more about our growing technology focus!

Gateway to Technology

Gateway to Technology (GTT) is a cutting-edge program intended to address the interest and energy of Von Tobel Middle School students while incorporating national standards in math, science, and technology. The GTT curriculum, adapted for Von Tobel students, appeals to a full range of students and will relate technology to students’ daily lives while incorporating study, research, and life skills. We also embed career exploration related to science, engineering, aviation, and medical professions into the GTT curriculum. GTT promotes communication and collaboration by emphasizing a team approach through the instructional units. These semester-long instructional units excite and motivate students to use their imaginations and teach them to be creative and innovative while gaining the skills they need to develop, produce, and use products and services.

iPad Initiative

Von Tobel is one of only five schools in the Clark County School district to purchase iPads for every student. The iPad inspires creativity and hands-on learning through a device that students really want to use. Powerful built-in apps let students engage with content in interactive ways, find information in an instant, and access an entire library wherever they go. Students experience the most amazing textbooks they’ve ever read simply by sliding their finger along the thumbnail images of the pages. Studies show that students who have access to an iPad and the Internet have improved learning and do better on tests.